"When I recieved eco-friendly gift from my friend, I was very glad to know that we individually can save the world in our everyday lives. So, I want people to feel ecstatic when they recieve eco-friendly products like I did."

Gip, EarthTeam founder

EarthTeam believes in step-by-step and easy-to-start change of lifestyle to reduce plastic use that everybody can do in our daily lives. We do not hate plastics because it is scientically amazing meterial that is useful for many things if we get the most out of them and reuse them as much as we can, but what dangerous is single-use plastics that we use just for a second and then throw them away such as plastic straws and plastic bags that they last 1,000 years in this world. So, we have this shop to spread awareness of environmental issues and let people show their successful change of lifestyle to influence other people to save the world together

Best Sellers

Food Grade

stainless and glass straws

Express Delivery

within 2-3 days in Thailand

100% Money Back or Redelivery

If the item is damaged due to the shipping

Local support

We work with Thai locals and unemployed people effected from the pandemic crisis, they are specialists.

Donated 90,891 Baht

EarthTeam has donated 90,891 Baht since we opened our store in 2018. 

EarthTeam would like to thank you all for giving us a chance to donate in order to save turtles injured by plastic pieces in their stomach and other causes at Veterinary Medical Aquatic Animals Research Center (VMARC).

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